• Inbound Customer Care

    We are receiving calls for all complaints and roadside assistance including Telematics support for remotely assisting customers

  • Lead Qualification

    We draw customer to the showrooms by calling on generated leads and pursuing customers for a test drive of their desired vehicle

  • Happy Calling

    We gauge customer satisfaction levels by surveying them on their vehicle purchase experience

  • Technical Satisfaction feedback calling

    Survey customers on new vehicle bought about A to F criteria (AC, Brake, Clutch, Defogger, Engine and Fuel Mileage)

  • Service Satisfaction feedback calling

    Survey all closed Service Repair Orders and examine their level of satisfaction on the serving performed


  • Institutional Sales

    Contact corporate honchos and make a pitch for buying our vehicles in bulk


  • Rural Sales

    Work on leads generated in Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities in coordination with Rural Sales outlets


  • Training Function

    Actively engage with client HO to ensure that their corporate training calendar is executed in a timely fashion. We also reach out to their channel partners and engage them to get maximum nominations from each partner.

  • Sales Consultant Awareness

    Follow up regularly with Sales Consultant of Channel Partners and ensure that they keep abreast of latest offerings from the client. We also share a dashboard of their awareness penetration with client HO regularly.



  • We were declared the best customer services team for 2 years consecutively across Indian car Industry by an Independent evaluation agency (JD Power).
  • We also executed a Six Sigma Project in coordination with client HO to standardize receipt of raw data from outside sources in desired format. This has resulted into savings translating to higher efficiencies.

Our Capabilities


We have a sensitive team of personnel who cater to PAN India members with diversified language backgrounds like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujrati and Punjabi, Kannada, Assamese, Bengali, Odiya.

IVR Dynamic Assistance

We have developed Interactive IVR where customers are directed to Client’s Road Side assistance partner directly basis the input received from customer like Vehicle Registration Number.

IVR Feedback

We have launched Interactive IVR systems through which customers can provide their feedback and rate delivery experience with the client partner. The data is then shared with the client daily.


We cross train our personnel to meet our client’s varied needs and align our resources dynamically to suit business needs on a daily basis.

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