Gaming services

In today’s competition-driven gaming industry, robust and responsive support is integral to the success of any game. We at iEnergizer, know the importance of exceptional customer experience to our client’s games and help them retain their customers in a way that makes their gaming experience entertaining. Our teams have worked on multiple AAA titles across multiple genres of gaming which include several MMOs, action-adventure titles, casual and simulation games.

Employing the best-in-class technology and a cutting-edge work approach, we help deliver a customer experience that leads to improved player satisfaction, enhanced player retention and that aligns with the brand values of our clients. Whether it's testing, in-game support or tech support, we go way beyond our customer’s expectations!


RANGE OF Gaming services

In Game Support

Our GMs (Game Masters) assist the customers within the game environment specifically in the Online Games (MMOs) support. The common queries addressed include Gameplay queries, Assistance with In-Game Quest / Mission problems, Investigate Game Terms of Service violations and Account Penalties reported by fellow gamers.

Technical Support

Our Advisors boasts of unmatched specialization in handling below issue types in this category

  • Game Crashes/Freezes/Lockups
  • Game Patch Issues (Downloading & Installing)
  • Graphic Corruption and Distortion
  • Sound & Driver Issues
  • Game Installation Issues
  • Connectivity & Latency Issues
  • Router/Browser/Internet Configuration

Accounts and Billing Support

Our Advisors specialize in handling below issue types in this category

  • Account Ownership Verification
  • Billing Verification
  • Password Reset Assistance, Account Activation/Cancellation
  • Hacking & Compromised Accounts
  • Payment Fraud Assessment
  • Registration Code Generation
  • Refunds, Overcharge Requests
  • Subscription, Upgrades and Promotional queries


For online games, it is necessary that the environment remains free of abuse, harassment, vulgarity and illegal activities. To achieve this, a certain level of behaviour is expected from all customers while using the services/websites and forums. This is where our Terms of Service and Forum Moderation team comes into play. Our team focuses on implementation and enforcement of TOS policies & taking disciplinary action on investigated cases.

Social Media

In the current environment where gaming companies connect with their customers through multiple social media channels (including Facebook, Twitter, Game Forums and other social media channels), it is imperative that they utilize our Advisors to keep tabs on customer sentiment and relay updates and information to the players/customers.

Multilingual Support

We, at iEnergizer provide all Gaming services in few selected European and Asian languages. Further information can be provided upon request.

Our Testing Platforms forFunctionality & Compliance


Web & Flash Based Games Testing

We have tested Website & Flash based games for clients & managed their entire testing efforts.

MMO Project

We have expertise & experience of understanding the dynamics of MMO games. During our decade long experience, we have worked on some of the top games developed in this genre and contributed in their overall development.

MMORPG Testing

We provide comprehensive Functionality & content testing services on MMO projects.


  • Manage Open Beta – Triage Bugs & Report Player Reported Defects
  • Release Note Testing
  • Checklists & Test Plans
  • Item Passes
  • Game Impressions, Balancing and Analysis
  • Sound and Voiceover Testing
  • Smoke Test & Build Verification Tests
  • Content Testing
  • Quests and Game Content
  • Level Progression
  • Geo and Collision Testing on new content
  • Bug Management during Beta Stages
  • Load Testing

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