A robust approach for

Healthcare business

In view with the current market trends, the average consumer is becoming more informative & responsive to the services that he/she is receiving. Top brands today are constantly in competition with each other to improve their consumer base which adds to the growth & band value. Managing a business requires you to manage a lot of Non-core functions, which in return can slow your progress down. However, it’s also crucial that these non-core aspects should be sustained with an effective approach & techniques. Or else, you might end up moving a snail pace in a fast-moving global market.

This is where our (iEnergizer) expertise jump in to back you up by offering an end/start to end solution, which lets you focus on the core nature of your business & gives us the perfect opportunity to handle the non-core aspects, which in return become core responsibilities for us (iEnergizer).

One of such prominent domains that we master is Healthcare. The healthcare market in India is expected to reach US$372 billion by 2022, driven by rising incomes, greater wealth awareness, lifestyle diseases and increasing access to insurance. Understanding & analyzing the unspoken prerequisites from a healthcare organizational point of view, we (iEnergizer) device full-scale project layouts which add value to the overall business.

Laying down divisional strategies to help you build a more flexible business model to achieve maximum output by our qualified professionals is just part of the parcel. As we understand that healthcare is a sensitive subject we bring out the correct balance between business management & emotional reasoning when handling the consumer base.

IEnergizer offers a robust approach to all the mechanisms which work together to make a Healthcare business successful.

A robust approach forHealthcare business

  • Appointments & New member Services

    At IEnergizer we emphasize on member management solutions to drive the member network with multi-channel support of prospects’ inquiries, enrollment and transition and member care support. Our customer support advisors take on the inbound new member and appointment services and also assist in providing preventive health packages. Our capabilities serve members through the inbound channel by including proactive outreach to improve their experience.

  • HIPAA Law

    We are HIPAA-compliant outsourced contact center providing technology services and transaction processing solutions so that our clients can focus on patient outcomes, experience, and satisfaction. We focus on eminent data privacy and adherence to HIPAA and other legislation which is a priority for the healthcare industry. Our security and risk compliance organization provides advanced risk/security assessment and compliance to help our client operate with security.

  • Offering solutions & Analytics

    Maintaining industrial quality standards while providing information that ensures nothing but the best to the consumer is our key objective. Our specialized workforce ensures that we not only offer flexible solutions but also strike an equilibrium between business & emotional approach. We understand that a business is built to grow & churn profitably, hence we apply all the latest innovative reforms to seek out the potential business opportunities within the business model.

Our 360° healthcare

support services

Our 360° healthcare support services extend beyond telemedicine services by ensuring the after consultation follow ups, instant patient response through chats, follow up scheduling, systematic scheduling of insurance & TPA tie up which offers a piece of mind to you as a business & to the consumer, as we understand quality healthcare is a necessity.

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