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We, at iEnergizer, have been playing a pivotal role in providing support to our clients in managing some of the most crucial aspects of the customer lifecycle. This ranges from getting the customer to understand the offered product/service, to be able to buy/subscribe, till effectively & efficiently managing the customer post-sale of the product/services.

With years of experience & existence in the industry, we have gained substantial expertise in managing all aspects of the business, for some of the leading market players across various sectors – ranging from Mobile phones, Home appliances, Automobile, Banking, Travel, Interactive Gaming & Entertainment, Alternative medicines, Online shopping portals, Cable TV, Entertainment (Movies, Fine dining), Health care etc.

Our expertise of providing support across various functions such as Billing, Customer Service, Sales, Technical Assistance, Web content management, Social Media Management etc. has made us the trusted partner for many, whom we serve today. It is for this reason that our association with many of our clients is over a decade old.

With changing times and rapidly changing technology & business requirements, we have always ensured that we stay on top of the game. From providing customer service on calls to now successfully managing the website content, social media platforms & chatbots for some of the industry leaders, we adapted to the changing needs of the business and to the requirements of our clients, with growing years.


What do we offer

  • We developed an integrated approach that combines our expertise in data analysis, modelling and real-world operational excellence.
  • We apply our analysis results to your daily customer relationship operations.
  • Our approach is to move from an IT cost-based big data to a business ROI-driven attitude.
  • We understand the triggers that leverage customer experience. We analyse data and design action plans based on insights.
  • Our Analytics Specialists are a specialized group that focuses on qualitative, quantitative, and big-data analytical tools.


What do we offer

  • Full management service by experts to identify what & how could be automatized
  • Fully redundant infrastructure to run the solutions
  • Proprietary fully integrated omnichannel platform
  • Technology using natural language processing


This involves handling customer’s queries through the digital channels namely Email & Chat. Customers write to us and we then provide resolution basis the customer’s queries. Since the scope of service includes technical support also so there are times when we follow the email/chat response, with a phone call to promptly close the concern.

The Email channel has been in service for a while now but with the ease of Internet access, many of our customers now prefer to chat – the options for which are available at the click of a button on the website & mobile App. Through Chat, the customers are able to have their queries addressed on a real time basis without having to call & pressing multiple options on IVR. Like phone support, we offer chat & Email support at all times of the day.


All our people are native speakers and breathe the culture of the countries served, so every customer will always feel at home. Their expertise across a variety of industries enables them to handle each request with excellence and speak the right language to deliver the right solutions.

What do we offer

  • Fully integrated network hub of multilingual sites, enabling consolidation of multiple support operations
  • Highly trained and motivated multicultural and multilingual people
  • Centralized account management and reporting
  • Best-in-class quality and operational processes
  • Unified and flexible multi-skilled workforce management
  • Single point of entry for voice and data networks
  • World-class facilities
  • Centralized support to optimize costs and performance

Social Media

What do we offer

  • Social Media Sales - Drive interest and convert through social media
  • Buzz Monitoring - Social Listening understand your customers' behavior
  • Engagement - Interact with your customers
  • Moderation - Nurturing a healthy online brand presence
  • Involve - Create content based on consumers' interests
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Phone Support

We at iEnergizer, offers phone support services to handle the range of queries over the phone that includes explaining the usage of the product or a feature, sharing dealer's location to purchase the product or address to the nearest service centre for repairs, offer related queries, etc. In this process, our agent walks through the customers in a stepwise approach and guide them to perform the troubleshooting steps that can be easily performed over the phone in an attempt to resolve the concern.

For customers facing difficulty in operating the product or in case, there are technical concerns with the product, the level 1 & level 2 support is provided in-house. Wherein, the product like mobile phones or printers is remotely accessed to identify & fix the technical issue. For products which do not have the capability to be remotely accessed, the Tier 2 support is given by tenured agents who are trained on specific products by the Field & Factory team.

The efficiency & effectiveness of such calls is measured on the basis of the count of calls resolved/closed and we have a pretty high success rate in this regards which is well above the client’s expectations. All such closures help in avoiding a certain cost that would have been incurred by the client in roping in assistance from the service centres. In addition to this, it saves the customer the hassle of visiting the service centre or in waiting for an engineer to visit which further translates to a satisfied customer.

With these services offered in a row, we have been meeting the client defined targets for years now and measure the success rate in the form of Customer Satisfaction score.

Self Service

Our clients gain nearly limitless contact center capacity, instant global reach and the confidence that comes from using proven technology supported by contact center experts. Moreover, with quick deployment of the essential applications and services, plus the ability to immediately access new technologies, languages or global regions as required, businesses become more responsive to customer demands.

What we do offer

  • Channel Synchronization - Intelligent omnichannel routing and queuing; estimated wait time and call back options
  • Agent Management - Intelligent, omnichannel agent desktop; screen pop (phone and email)
  • Operational Insights - Robust monitoring, reporting, and analytics; quality monitoring; workforce management
  • Resiliency and Support - Fully redundant, carrier-class platform; 24 x 7 x 365 NOC support; SLAs

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